Dancehall Artiste Aligata Releases Another Out-Of-The-Box Anthem “Minimal Force”

The song which was produced by UK based Jamaican female producer; SHAY, seeks to portray Aligata as a ‘Dirty Cop’ who is ruthless, murderous and proud to be brutalizing, framing up and even killing innocent civilians…

This is not a normal topic you will normally hear a Dancehall artiste talk about. But, as usual, the “Am Ugly” crooner talks about it in such a fascinating way that it brings to bear certain realities about the “Above The Law” posture of certain police officers.

Normally Gangsters claim they ain’t scared of the police blah blah blah while in actual sense the ‘Security Forces’ with the backing of the LAW are the real monsters if they choose to go rogue…

You will love this

Artiste: Aligata

Song Title: Minimal Force

Producer: Shay

Mixing And Mastering: Jordan Beatz

Genre: Reggae/Dancehall

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