MUST READ: Summary Of President Akufo- Addo’s 15th Nation Address On Covid-19

Following the outbreak of coronavirus In Ghana March 2020, President Akufo- Addo has been addressing the nation on measures being taken to curb the spread of coronavirus.

In view of this, the President had to address the nation again on Sunday, August 16, 2020.

In the latest address, President Akuffo- Addo established key directions the government is considering to ease the restriction on measures taken to control the spread of the disease.

As important as all these major keys are, I believe it very important to highlight them just in case you missed the address.

Check Them out below:

  1. All test results that used to take weeks are now available within forty-eight (48) hours out of which conducted four hundred and twenty-seven thousand, one hundred and twenty-one (427,121) cases have been tested so far.
  2. Continuing students tertiary institutions such as UCC, UHAS and Technical universities are to return to school, on 24th August, to finish their academic year. Due to this Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service, will ensure that all these tertiary institutions are disinfected.

All the Universities will be equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment, and those with their own hospitals and clinics will have isolation centers to deal with any positive cases.

All other institutions, without their own clinics and hospitals, will be mapped to health facilities. There will be no mass gatherings and no sporting activities.

Religious activities, under the new protocols, will be permitted. Social distancing and the wearing of face masks must become the norm on campus.

  1. Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection to begin preparations to ensure that all Final Year JHS students are served with a hot meal a day.

From  24th August up to 18th September, all five hundred and eighty-four thousand (584,000) final year JHS students, and one hundred and forty-six thousand (146,000) staff, both in public and private schools, will receive this meal on a daily basis. This is to ensure full observance of the COVID-19 safety protocols.

  1. Borders are expected to open September 1 under the condition every single passenger that arrives in the country must be tested to avoid the spread of the virus.

This will be possible after a yet to be conducted exercise proves the country can do so. Until then all our borders, by air, land, and sea, still remain closed to human traffic.

5  Ghana residents stranded abroad, a special dispensation will continue to be given for their evacuation back to Ghana, where they will be subjected to the mandatory quarantine and safety protocols.

  1. Beaches, pubs, cinemas, and nightclubs are still to remain closed until further notice.
  2. The limit on the numbers of persons who can attend conferences, workshops and award events, has now been lifted, subject to the maintenance of social distancing amongst participants, fresh air ventilation of the premises, and a two-hour limit for each session.
  3. As of 24th July, the number of active cases, i.e. persons with the virus, stood at three thousand, three hundred and seven (3,307). As of Saturday, 15th August, three weeks later, the number of active cases stands at one thousand, eight hundred, and forty-seven (1,847).
  4. Currently, there are no recorded COVID-19 cases in the North East, Savannah, Upper East, and Upper West Regions.
  5. Greater Accra, Ashanti, Central, Eastern, and Western continue to be the Regions with the highest number of active cases.

Thus far, a total of forty thousand, five hundred and sixty-seven (40,567) persons have recovered from the virus.

This means our recovery rate has improved from eighty-nine-point five percent (89.5%) to ninety-five point one percent (95.1%) in three weeks.

  1. Our death rate continues, mercifully, to be low at zero-point five percent (0.5%). Happily, there are no backlogs of tests at any of our testing centers, meaning that situational reports are up to date.

With all this information, I believe Coronavirus will soon be a thing of the past for Ghana.

We shall surely overcome it as the battle is the Lord’s.

With that established let’s not forget to wear a nose mask, observe social distancing and constantly use sanitizers


By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea

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