Kuami Eugene Reveals Why He Doesn’t Talk About His Father

Lynx Entertainment’s Kuami Eugen who has branded himself as the Rock Star and the son of Africa has made a shocking revelation which suggested that his father abandoned some of his fatherly roles when he was growing up.

He disclosed that his father at a point in time refused to pay his school fees because he was a notorious child.

He explained that he really was stubborn when he was a kid and his father at a point in time got fed-up with his naughtiness.

He added that his Mum had to take about three different jobs just so that she will be able to pay for his fees in school as well as other parental duties.

To him, he wouldn’t have been able to speak even good English had his Mum not taken the decision to carry all the burdens his dad abandoned when he was a child.

He however stated that he is in very good terms with his father and he even enjoys more from him than his Mum does currently.

The ‘Angela’ hitmaker made the disclosure in an interview on Hitz FM after Andy Dosty questioned him on why he always mentions the name of his Mum and not his Dad.


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