Mother Inflicts Serious Cuts On Son’s Face For Breaking A Plate

A boy has revealed how his wicked mother inflicted a huge cut on his face after breaking a plate.

According to the boy, his mother did not even worry about the cut but rather asked him to go and look for money for them.

The good Samaritan who shared the story said he found the boy looking unkempt while begging on the streets and therefore decided to question him.

The boy, who looks no older than 12 years old, also revealed that he doesn’t go to school but spends his time begging to provide for his family.

The world has never been fair when it comes to childbirth.

The people who will protect and love their children do not get children.

But the people who have no affection for children rather get children.

Most of the children begging on the streets are coming from wicked mothers who just exploit their children.

It about time authorities arrest all mothers who let their children beg on the streets.

The rightful authorities must also do the need to take all these children off the streets.

The adoption processes must be made easy for people to adopt easily.

Some minors also hit the streets because of s*xual harassment from people.

All of these things must be handled well by authorities but yet still they won’t do it.

The girls amongst them are constantly defiled.


By Naa Ayorkor Laryea


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