Tracy Boakye Rants Over Fellow Woman Snatching Her Sugar Daddy

Actress Tracy Boakye who has been parading herself as a hard-working businesswoman who has acquired her wealth from her hustle has finally washed her dirty clothes in public.

The actress who was very angry over alleged snatching of her man stated in a social media video that some other person is trying to take her man from her.

Even though she didn’t mention the name of the man, Tracy in her rants said that the man only used her colleague but she (Tracy) has become rich through the same man.

She warned her friend to dare her again by trying to convince the said man to shower her with expensive gifts if she is not afraid.

As if all the shots she released were not enough, Tracy Boakye went on to say that she personally decided not to launch new stuff this year.

But as it stands, people cannot think far about what and how she was going to showcase those brand new stuff if they are not from the man who she just said made her rich.

Anger indeed can cause you to make regrettable mistakes because she refused to be calmed down when she was ranting.


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