FA Cup Final: Letter To Chelsea Fans

So Chelsea fans are still complaining in my dm that ‘the Referee Was Bias’.

What makes u guys think so?

  1. Emil was outta the box but the ball was in the box. How’s that a foul?
  2. Kovacic deserves the second yellow, what was his intention? To Injured our player? His tackle was reckless.

U want our Player’s leg to get broken before he will be given a card?


  1. Two matches in the League this season: 1st round, Arsenal loss to Chelsea in that game Jorginho deserved red card but the ref didn’t even pay attention to it and that was the turning point for Chelsea to grab the 2nd goal to win the game.


  1. 2nd Round game: Arsenal 2-2 Chelsea: in that game, David Luis was harshly judged by the ref And was sent off and penalty awarded to Chelsea.

Arsenal played with 10men from 1st half to end.

Luckily Hector scored the last equalizer for Arsenal to get a point outta that game.

  1. In 2015 & 2016 seasons: Reckless Diego Costa will bully Arsenal defenders but will never be sent off. Arsenal ends up getting Red card (Most Times Laurent Koscienly & Gabby) then boom Chelsea will win.

All those years u keep enjoying and turning blindsight of these things yet u are here complaining of yesterday’s game which was 💯 fairly judged.

Give Credit To where it is due wai. Arsenal were the better side and played better than you guys apart from the first 15mins when u guys went on top the rest of The game was for the Gunners.

Chelsea had nothing to show or u wanna blame the ref for those hamstring injuries too right?  Beating top sides like City and Liverpool in less than a week means we on fire so don’t joke with us.

Arsenal played well, we were the better side and controlled the game properly.

Chelsea Fans Love blame games too much! Ya br3 Mo!


By: Joe Okyere DeWryta Itaalia

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