Woman Cries Over How Doctor’s Wrong Prescription Caused Her Disability

An orphan and graduate of the Accra Technical University, Delali Agbosu has revealed how a doctor’s negligence made her unable to walk properly.

According to the mother of one, who manages to move around by combining her hands with her legs, at age four she was taken to the hospital for treatment after falling sick.

Delali explained that the said doctor injected her with the wrong medication to inject her which affected her limbs.

She added her disability made her mother give up on her as she left home one day and never returned.

Despite her painful experience, Delali is grateful to God for helping her see through her education to attain a diploma certificate in secretariat and management at Accra Technical University.

But due to her disability, Delali has been denied many job opportunities.

“I have applied for many jobs, but all to no avail. One day, an employer frankly told me, many jobs won’t employ me because of my situation. He told me the secretariat and management job is now more field-oriented than usual hence considering my situation, no employer will employ me,” She Said.

With another certificate in journalism, Delali is passionate about news presenting, a dream she can’t wait to fulfill.

Explaining what informed her decision to pursue an education in journalism, Delali said her inability to get a job compelled her to take a short course with the hope of securing a job in presenting which hopefully her disability will not be a hindrance.

Although she has received help from Crime Check Foundation, Delali says she is in need of help to cope with life.

Despite being unemployed and disabled, the mother of one believes she has what it takes to merit employment when given the chance.

It beats my imagination why business owners do not take people with special needs into consideration when starting up a business.



By Naa Ayorkor Laryea

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