I’ve Never Had S3x With Any Woman For Over 35yrs Apart From My Wife – Bishop Charles Agyinasare

Presiding Bishop of the Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, has said his integrity was intact in spite of attempts to tag him with promiscuity by some faceless persons.

The Man of God came under attack in the course of last week for his sermon that condemned the collapse of local businesses, especially the indigenous banks by the government of Ghana.

He was linked with the First Trust Savings and Loans and was allegedly tagged as one of the persons whose loans led to the collapse of the organization just because the Founder of the Financial Institution celebrated him on one of his birthdays in a post on Facebook; an allegation he has vehemently denied.

On Sunday while preaching to his congregants through the “Virtual Church,” the Bishop said his integrity could not be questioned.

“I’ve not kissed anyone than my wife in 35 years; by the grace of God, I have lived a life of sexual purity from the age of 18 when I got born again in 1980.”

“Since then, the only woman I have had sex with is my wife and that happened after we got married in August 1985. I am proud to say in my 35 years of marriage, I have not kissed, smooched, or had sex with anyone except my wife,” he asserted.

“All our offices”, he noted: “Have glass doors, so, people can see the inside during counseling. After pastoring 20 years in Accra, my Church Board, made up of noblemen and women, insisted that I get a security door since I don’t even counsel the opposite sex without my security, sitting inside by the door.”

Additionally, he said: “My wife also has my access codes to my phones, IPad and computers”.

With regard to money, Bishop Agyinasare popularly referred to as the Nation’s prophet and the pastor said he even pays taxes on gifts. “I paid taxes even on the gift of trips of sand”.

“I had always wanted to step off stage when I go on retirement to say, like the Prophet Samuel, the last judge of Israel”, said in 1 Sam. 12:3 and 4: ‘Here I am, witness against me before the Lord and before his anointed.

‘Whose ox have I taken, or whose donkey have I taken, or whom have I cheated? whom have I oppressed, or from whose hand have I received any bribe with which to blind my eyes? I will restore it to you.’

‘And they said, ‘You have not cheated us or oppressed us, nor have you taken anything from any man’s hand’”.


Source: Mynewsgh.com

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