The Budding Youngster Who Scores For Fun

Football is the most highlighted sport around the globe and when it comes to talents, Ghana Has to contribute its quota to the game. Both on the Africa Continent and other continents.

Presently, the country keeps producing talents to support the development of the game.

In today’s episode of Play spotlight in our Q&A section, we caught up with a young promising forward Ebel Ismael.

The 17-year old who was a product of Aspire Academy in Qatar is eyeing a move to Bechem United when the new season resumes.

Tell us, Who is Ebel Ismael?

‘I’m a 17-year-old striker who starting playing for Kumasi Academy at a juvenile level before moving to Aspire Academy in Qatar to continue my development and here I am in Ghana focusing on my career.’

Which is your favorite position on the field?

‘I play as number 9, I striker but sometimes switch to the 10 role or probably wings due to my versatility but I’m a complete number striker and I love scoring goals for my team.

Which player do you look up to?

‘Zlatan Ibrahimovic because he is a very fantastic player in football and has the idea to score goals.

‘He is very strong and fast he is a very humble and respectful person too.

‘Basically Love how he plays and that makes me idolize him.’


What are your strongest qualities in the 18-yard box?

‘It’s composure, decisive, clinical, and been technical to score in every moment or situations I find myself to score the goal because that’s what I’m expected to do on the field.’

How many goals did you score during your time at Aspire Academy?

‘I had many goals in non-competitive games but in competitive games, I scored 25 goals in 10 matches.

‘I had good players around me and very creative as well so my teammates played huge roles in providing assists.’

You appear to be a prolific lad, how does that make you feel?

‘Obviously great but the most important part of is to get my game going and focus on my play.

‘So I keep training to be in shape hope to be competitive again when the new season resumes.’

Where do u see yourself in the next five years?

‘In the next five years, I want to be the best ever Ghanaian striker.

‘I want to break some of the Ghanaian players’ records like Asamoah Gyan, And other former players.

‘I want to play in some of the clubs in the English  Premier League and keep scoring.’

Which European league or clubs attract you the most?

‘The English Premier League and the La Liga.

‘And it’s my dream to play for any of the top sides in these two leagues in the near future.’

What’s your strongest motivation to play in Europe?

‘It’s basically about their facilities and how they go all out to develop players.

‘Another part of their style of branding its very much attractive to play in such leagues.’

What should football fans expect from you when the season resumes?

‘They should expect me because I am bringing new things in football and they should expect more goals from me in every match that I will play.’

The youngster is undoubtedly on fire and hungry for success. Such promising attacker could hopefully bring some excitement in the local league which many believe will propel his career to the next level he dreams of.

Obviously, hard work, determination, and consistency are key factors to get him what he deserves in the game, and Ebel Ismael will be a delight to watch when he wears his club’s jersey on the pitch.



Stay in touch as we bring you more of these in our subsequent episodes..


By: Joe Okyere Dewryta Itaalia



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