I Will Not Stop Dating Sugar Daddies: Mzbel Reveals

Popular Ghanaian songstress Mzbel has revealed that he won’t stop doing sugar daddies because they treat her with respect and that she benefits a lot from them.

The ’16 Years’ hitmaker made the comments while reacting to a jab from her beef mate and rival Afia Schwarzenegger who revealed that she has been sleeping with sugar daddies for survival.

Mzbel who is a mother of two in a show on Katanka TV did not refute the claims of her former friend Afia and even went ahead to state that it is better of than what ‘Afia Schwa’ does.

She revealed that Afia has done worse things like sleeping with a dog for cash and that sugar daddies are better off as compared to animals.

Mzbel also added that she is proud of who she is and that her s3xual life is something that she can write a book from.

To her, it is so complicated that only she can understand some of the decisions she too but she has also learnt a lot of lessons from them.


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