Four People In Critical Condition After Fulani Herdsmen Butchered Themselves In Bloody Fight

4 Fulani herdsmen are in critical condition after a strange cutlass fight at Akateng a Community near Asesewa in the Eastern Region.

According to reports, a misunderstanding ensued among the herdsmen which generated a cutlass fight among themselves.

The victims identified as Omaru Ali, 25, Bello Aliu, 24, Omaru Ali, 25, and Mohamadu Moro, 28 suffered various cutlasses wounds.

Omaru Bello’s right-hand wrist was cut off, Belo Ali was inflicted with a deep cut on the forehead, while Mohamadu Moro’s throat was slashed.

But for the timely intervention of 4 In Critical Condition After Fulani Herdmans Butcher Themselves In Bloody Fight Asesewa Police upon receipt of information so many lives would have been lost over the fight.

A police report says the victims were all found lying in a pool of blood at the scene.

They were then quickly rushed to the Asesewa Government Hospital.

No official arrest has been made as no one knows the cause of the argument.

However, Public Relations Officer of the Eastern Regional Police Command, Sargeant Francis Gomado says efforts are underway to arrest the perpetrators.

There have been so many talks about Fulani herdsmen in Ghana, especially negative ones.

They are mostly linked to the killing of people off their tribe in villages over cattle saga.

Mostly the clash is over stealing of cattle, or cattle grazing in someone’s farm without permission.

Most villages in Ghana do not allow herdsmen to live in their villages for fear of being killed.

But is that really the case?

Just maybe the indigenes of the various villages could be overreacting as they are not saints either.

In the clash, some herdsmen also ended up losing their lives but nothing is said about it.

The condemnation of these acts should be done in both ways and not always blaming the Fulani Herdsmen.

They are humans just like us so once they notice danger, an immediate response can not be ignored.


By Naa Ayorkor Laryea

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