OMG!! Sakawa Boy Goes Mad After Failing To Perform Final Rituals


Popular sakawa boy and one of the notable members of  A.M.G business has reportedly gone mad.

According to reports, the sakawa boy whose name has been withheld became after he refused to eat used sanitary pads as his lunch twice every week as directed by his Benin Juju Man.

The boy who turned into a rich man overnight is said to have returned from Benin not long ago.

Many believe the grace period from his powerful Benin juju elapsed as he refused to follow the directive.

Just yesterday another Sakawa boy was caught pants down with a madwoman in a classroom at Abuakwa, a suburb of the Ashanti Regional Capital.

Reports say the man identified as Abubakar allegedly said he was going to give the madwoman food after she complained of hunger.

The people around then left to go about their business.

But some few hours later Abubakar was caught having several bouts of s*x with the mentally ill woman.

This sad incident occurred at Abuakwa L/A Primary School in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The quest to become rich early is what mostly lead young guys to this kind of trouble.

Instead of them working and trust the process, these young women want quick money.

There is no short to becoming rich, you need to work your way up.

What is the essence of getting rich with restrictions?

Sakawa business will provide for you for a while but will soon end, why waste your time on it?

Young boys of this generation are too lazy and lack vision.

If you are such a person, change your ways immediately before you end up like these two boys.

By Naa Ayorkor Laryea


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