My V@gina Is Like The Suction Of A Hoover: Stephanie Benson Dares Men To Try Her

Ghanaian singer Stephanie Benson has come out to publicly describe her Vjay as one which is like the suction of a hoover and has stated that no Ghanaian man can overpower her in the bedroom.

According to her, her private part is one which can disgrace almost every man because it can suck the hell out of them if they get her into the mood.

She explains that her VJay can work just like the suction of a hoover works and that any man who wants to throw a challenge at her must first of all try and see if he can survive for a minute in the suction of a hoover.

Stephanie Benson even though she is a mother of 5 is still one of the finest looking Ghanaian singers despite her age.

She is also known for her erotic comments which she usually makes on social media but this time around, a lot of men in Ghana have started daring her to show up for a challenge if she really thinks she is that powerful.

One thing that lingers in the minds of many is how a suction of a hoover works and why she chose only that among all other things to compare her v@gina to.


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