MUST-READ!! Lady Narrates S*xual Abuse Ghanaian Women Endure In Lebanon

Youthful exuberance many times pushes people to travel to foreign countries to try their luck when it comes to acquiring wealth.

This journey works for some people while it becomes a total disaster especially for people who travel to countries in the Middle East.

Women especially experience harsh conditions and manhandling which end up getting some of them killed in counties like Lebanon and Qatar.

Such is the story of a 26-year-old Sarah [not real name] who as a result of the manhandling from the brother of her host and her agent ended up running for her life after she had gone to Lebanon to look for money for herself and her family.

Having been told good stories of the million she will make; Sarah left the shores with a woman she did not make mention of her name.

Sharing her experience in the company of the woman she followed to Lebanon, Sarah said the woman treated her with respect for the first few weeks but abruptly ended being nice to her and introduced the second phase of hostility towards her.

” I came to Lebanon to work and get money. I work with some women…the one who brings me to Lebanon.

‘First day when I came there she received me good with her husband.

‘They were good to me. Only one week, they changed. If you do any mistake she will use her shoes to be beating you. so there the lashing was too much for me so I ran,”

“you’ll sleep… you’ll not sleep early and if she’s coming to wake you up she will use her shoes to wake me up. So I decided to run, I run from the house”.

Despite all these Sarah through her agents secured working space with another family where she moved on to work in order to make the money she had come to Lebanon to look for.

“So I went to another family from the office who brings me here. They gave me some women. I went there to work too there were s*xual harassment. It was too much. One of my madam’s brothers he wants to sleep with me.

‘He told that this is twenty dollars take and let me spend my night with you, I said no I didn’t come here because of s*x and money.

The next day he came, I was in the bathroom scrubbing and he came naked, he didn’t wear anything and he hold knife and do me like this and he asked me do you know this? and I said knife and he put it on my neck and told me that if you don’t know and you tell my sister I will kill you.

‘Here is a cemetery I will kill you in the night and throw you there no one will know that it’s me. So I was quiet and listened to him.

‘He told me from today going every day I have to suck your breast, I’ve to do this, I’ve to do that.

‘I don’t even want to remember because what this guy did to me it was very painful,” she narrated after escaping a wrenching experience which has killed her soul and drive to make money in Lebanon.

Although Sarah has managed to slip away from the family, the challenges ahead are enormous because she will have to struggle with her Agency because she has no money either does she have her passport with her.

“No I don’t have the passport now. Is with my agent. I don’t have the passport, the agent she collects money from me. She beat me and collect my money from my hand.”

Sarah further advised young ladies who have plans of traveling to the Middle East to stay put because they will be treated as slaves by their employers and even not make the needed money.


By Naa Ayorkor Laryea



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