VIDEO: Actress Juliet Ibrahim Explains Why She Uses S3x Toys

Actress Juliet Ibrahim has revealed that one of the things she cannot live without in her life is her s3x toy which she values a lot.

According to the actress, she is a single lady and because of that, she relies on the artificial products that will give her pleasure and that s3xual satisfaction.

She disclosed that her s3x toys give her company as a single lady and have become an essential part of her life until she finds a man that can cover up with that space.

Juliet Ibrahim also added that she likes her little rabbit-shaped s3x toy which satisfies her to the core.

The actress who is one of the favorites in Ghana also named a couple of o stuff which she cannot do without including her allergy pills, food and water.

She also revealed that she is asthmatic and relies on an inhaler to help through moments of asthmatic attacks which she cannot avoid.

Juliet Ibrahim is one of the finest actresses in Ghana and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful female celebs too.


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