VIDEO: Criss Waddle Speaks About What People Will Get In Benin

Entertainment personality and owner of AMG Music business Criss Waddle has added his voice to the ongoing trends about Benin on social media.

According to Criss Waddle, there is nothing in Benin for anyone who plans of going there to enrich himself via quick money means.

According to him, Benin would have been the nicest country in Africa and will even be better than South Africa if they really had the said riches that young people are dying for.

It can be recalled that Benin took over Ghanaian social media trends after a Whatsapp group chat and audio leaked which indicated that a group of 80 young men were planning of visiting the West African country in search for blood money.

However, their plans misfired and later got leaked after it was revealed to them that about 8 of them may not return and will be used as a sacrifice for the money they are looking for.

The word Benin has since become a social media trend on the lips on Ghanaians whenever issues of money come up.

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