Voters ID: Breakdown Of Over 2.2 Million Registered Ghanaians So Far


Over 2.2 million (2,216,141) voters have been registered and issued voter identification cards in the first six days of the ongoing mass registration exercise.

The daily figures are Day One – 308,925; Day Two – 403,274; Day Three – 437,296; Day Four – 395,557; Day Five – 349,602; and Day Six – 321, 487. 68.9% used Ghana Card

Data compiled by the Electoral Commission (EC) indicates that a large majority (68.9%) of the registrants used Ghana Card as identification to support their registration.

28.8% used guarantors

On the other hand, 28.8% of registrants used guarantors to support their registration.

2.3% used passport

According to the data, only 2.3% used passport as identification to support their registration.

Greater Accra Region-427,039 (19.27%)

The Greater Accra Region topped the list with 427,039 prospective voters registering, representing 19.27% of all persons registered in the first phase batch one.

Ashanti Region-423, 998 (19.13%)

In second position is Ashanti Region with 423,998 prospective voters, constituting 19.13%.

Eastern Region-215, 616 (9.73%)

Data compiled by the Electoral Commission indicates that Eastern Region placed third, registering 215,616 voters, representing 9.73%.

Central Region-202, 036 (9.12%)

In the fourth position is Central Region, which registered 202,036 voters, representing 9.12%.

Western Region-145,741 (6.58%)

Western Region came fifth, recording 145,741 voters registered, constituting 6.58%.

Volta Region-139,968 (6.32%)

Volta Region placed sixth with 139,968, amounting to 6.32%. Northern Region-121, 818 (5.5%) A total of 121,818 prospective voters, representing 5.5%, were also registered in the Northern Region to occupy the seventh position.

Bono Region-94, 837(4.28%)

The Bono Region recorded 94,837 prospective voters, constituting 4.28%, to place eighth on the log.

Bono East-84, 572 (3.82%)

In the Bono East Region, 84,572 prospective voters were registered, which amounts to 3.82% and 10th position.

Upper East-71,526 (3.2%)

Upper East Region came 11th with 71,526 registered prospective voters, representing 3.2%.

Western North-64,199 (2.9%)

A total of 64,199 prospective voters, which constitutes 2.9%, were registered in the Western North Region to place the region in the 12th position.

West Region -60,944 (2.8%)

It is followed by the Upper West Region in the 13th position with 60,944 prospective voters, which constitutes 2.8%.

Ahafo Region-44,640 (2.01%)

The Ahafo Region placed 14th on the log, with 44,640 prospective voters registered, representing 2.01%.

Savannah Region-43,632 (1.97%)

Savannah Region registered 43,632 prospective voters, which amounts to 1.97%, to occupy the 15th position.

North East-37,024 (1.7%)

Speaking to The Finder, Director of Electoral Services at the Electoral Commission (EC), Dr Serebour Quaicoe said the EC estimated to register 1.8 million prospective voters in the first batch of the first phase of the exercise.

He suspects that the number went to over 2.2 million because prospective voters from other polling stations who were not patient to wait for the registration to get to their turn have registered.

This, he said, was partly responsible for the congestion at some of the registration centres.

However, Dr Quaicoe stated that mobile teams stationed at district offices are deployed to help centres with long queues.

On isolated cases of machine breakdown, he said technicians are on standby to repair instantly or replace the faulty one with new machines.



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