Jordan Ayew Discloses How He Keeps Fit During The Lockdown  

Crystal Palace striker Jordan Ayew has revealed how his brothers Andre Dede Ayew and Ibrahim Ayew have helped to keep him fit ahead of the side’s opener against Bournemouth on Saturday as the Premier League return.

The 28-year-old got training partners in his family in order to maintain his form ahead of the resumption of the English top-flight following the Coronavirus shutdown.

The Ghana international is expected to return to the pitch to lead the Eagles attack ahead of their match against Bournemouth at the Vitality stadium.

And Ayew has revealed the kind of support he got from his household during the lockdown.

“Before the Bournemouth game Ibrahim wanted to come and spend the weekend to watch the game, but our game got cancelled and then his game was cancelled at the same time, so he called me and said he will take the next flight and come to London,” explained the Eagles striker to PalaceTV.

“Andre’s game was then cancelled too, and he said he would come for a couple of days as well – we really didn’t know what was coming after the Bournemouth game. They brought their stuff for maybe three-five days but ended up staying for two months.

‘Andre came with his family, and with my oldest brother too, there were around eight, nine and 10 in the house locked up.

“So, we’ve been training together outside. We were doing our runs on the road, coming back, then playing Teqball (ball sport played on a curved table), 2v1 and 2v2. My oldest brother is a defender, so he was defending me and my other brother attacking. We were trying to keep ourselves busy, it was a good experience.”



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