All You Need To Know About The Dynamic Fullback Daniel Obeng Crenstil

In every small corner of the world, the word football is well known. So many talented players exhibit their best creativity on the pitch.

Here in Ghana football is the most highlighted sport. The Ghana premier league has produced the best talents to increase the world’s game.

Today our Q&A spotlight touches on the Ghana premier league club Elmira sharks captain Obeng Crentsil.

The versatile full-back who can effectively play fullback and midfield roles started his playing career at Kumasi Corner Babies, moved to West African Football Academy (WAFA) before joining Premier League side Elmina Sharks.

Tell us who Daniel Obeng Crentsil is?

‘Daniel Obeng Crentsil is a footballer who comes from Ajumako Kromain in the Central Region born on the 28th of June 1996.

‘I started my football career in Kumasi Colts club Corner Babies from there then I went to Feyenoord Academy now WAFA and now Elmina Sharks captain’.

Which footballer do you look up to?

‘Phillip Lahm is more like a versatile player. Most at times at the right back and some times as a midfielder that’s why I like him.’

Do you believe your playing style is as similar to that of Philip Lahm?

‘Yes. We play alike and monitors how his skills a lot. That helps me to play better all the time and like his leadership qualities too.’

Which position on the field would you pick as your favorite?

‘Right full back and that’s my best position. I like to play that position very well and make it better too.’

Which qualities of you do you believe contributed to your rise as a captain for your team?

‘I have good leadership skills and turns to motivate my players when they are down or when we are not getting good results.

‘I communicate very well to my teammates very well.

‘I’m a very good passer of the ball too. These are the qualities I believe contributed to me having the captain armband.’

How do you feel like a captain?

‘Very very proud of myself leading my teammates.’

What’re the exact words your Headcoach Kwebena Amissah told you after naming you as the club’s captain?

‘He told me he believes in me so I should lead the team for him.’

Which club in Europe attracts you the most?

‘Barcelona, I love their tiki-taka style of play. That attracts me a lot.’

Where do You see yourself in the next years ahead?

‘Honestly, I want to keep playing and perform better to attract interest from a European club.’

What’s your strongest motivation to play in Europe?

‘Once our colleagues are playing it a clear factor I can also play there and add some more knowledge to mine.’

What are your last words for the football world?

‘What I will say is God should help me so that my efforts will not be in vain and I pray that this pandemic gets over soon for football to resume.

Obeng Crentsil is one of the finest fullbacks in the Ghana premier league serving as a captain for Elmina Sharks for three years and counting.

Apart from the qualities he possesses, he enjoys every match with his full strength and passion to always get the ultimate goal of winning the game.


Watch His Highlights Here


By: Joe Okyere Dewryta Itaalia

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