Alhaji Akanbi Sets The Record Straight On Bribery Allegations

Board member of Accra Hearts of Oak, Alhaji Akambi who was alleged to have taken a bribe of ¢200 has spoken for the first time on the issue in an interview with FOX FM.

He explained that “Maxwell Asabere and his colleagues just want to tarnish my image. For close to twelve (12) to fourteen (14) years now, they have been working on how to tarnish my image. What really do they want from me, he questioned.” They should rather think of how they will end on earth. I cannot lie as a Muslim.”

Alhaji Akambi further explained that “if they had said Kuuku Bartels gave me ¢200.00GH as a gift, there would have been no issue. They should not put dust into the eyes of the general public.

‘I never wanted to talk about this issue but I have to set the records straight. What is the bone of contention on the issue, he also questioned.”

Moreover, he stated that, “Maxwell Asabere and his team have been calling members from the old board and management of Hearts of Oak just to tarnish my image.

‘I know all the people behind this issue. God knows my hands are clean on this. Kuuku Bartels even said I did not request bribe from him but he wholeheartedly gave me that amount as a gift.

‘Meanwhile Paa Kofi Sunsum and the others have been saying different stories.”

He concluded by saying that “if there was no allegation of me taking bribe, I would not have gone to the court. I would not have wasted time if they had talked of it as a gift.”

Asked if he will go to court to further clear his name, he replied that “I have two (2) years to go to the court.

‘So I can go at anytime of convenience within the stipulated duration. The media should not waste time on people like Paa Kofi Sunsum who is a comedian.





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