Coronavirus: Messi Discloses How Football Will Change For Him

Lionel Messi believes that football will “never be the same again” as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, as he gets used to a different way of training.

Messi and his Barcelona team-mates will return to full contact training on Monday. Up until now, training has been in two groups of up to 14 players.

With La Liga scheduled to return on June 11, behind closed doors, Messi feels the effects of the coronavirus pandemic are not just short term ones, insisting life will be different from this moment forward.

“I think there were a lot of negative things in this crisis, but there can be nothing worse than losing the people you love the most, that creates enormous frustration for me and seems to me the most unfair thing of all,” Messi told El Pais.

“Most of us are left with doubts about what the world is going to be like after everything that has happened.

‘Beyond the confinement and the situation that took us by surprise, many people had a really hard time because this situation affected them in some way, as it happened with all those who lost their family and friends and could not even see them.

‘The return to training, competitions and what was previously done in a normal way, now will have to be started again, but progressively.

‘It will be a strange situation for us and for anyone who has to change their usual working dynamics.”



Source: Eurosport

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