Former Ghana International Talks About The Effect Of ‘Juju’ In Football

Former Ghana international Godwin Attram says ‘juju’ does not play a huge role in football.

According to him, psychology is the master planner in the game and thast what wins matches.

The former 1997, U17 World Cup captain said:

“It is not about juju, it doesn’t play football.

“It’s psychology, it’s only to put fears in you, it only happens in Ghana, and in Europe no one is doing it.

‘Ask Ronaldinho, he will tell you juju does not play football” he continued.

“There is nothing like ways and means, team manager doing ways and means it’s your focus, training, determination, mental toughness to play on the pitch” he concluded.

Godwin Attram who is the owner of Attram DeVisa Academy played for clubs in the Netherlands, Denmark, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and others, gathering huge football experience.




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