Sports Ministry Clarifies Kwasi Appiah’s Salary Arrears


The Ministry of Youth and Sports has clarified the underlying payment of national team coaches.

Ex-Black Stars coach Kwasi Appiah has been on the neck of the GFA demanding his five months unpaid salary from them.

This Triggered a statement from the GFA to make it clear who owns the former national team coach.

Spokesperson Henry Asante Twum said:

“The GFA does not pay the coach – it’s the state that pays the coach. The GFA is the employer of the head coach of the national team but his salary is paid by the state.

‘He wrote to the GFA and we forwarded his letter to the ministry. It is the ministry that must pay him, not the GFA.

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“Kwasi Appiah has been in and out of the Black Stars for so many years and he knows that it is not the FA that pays him.

‘It’s very strange to read what is going around because it’s not the FA that pays the head coach of Black Stars, it is the Government of Ghana.

‘That has been the constitution. The Government owes him.”

But Kwesi Appiah firmly believes that GFA rather owns him not the government because he signed a contract with the FA and not government.

“I did not sign any contract with the government or the ministries, I signed with the Football Association.

‘I know the government supports the FA in payments of players’ bonuses and travel funds but I am not supposed to be chasing the Ministry of Sports because I do not have a contract with them but the FA.

But the aide of the sports ministry Kofi Asare Brako has explained that the Sports Ministry is responsible for Kwesi Appiah’s salary but not the FA throwing light on the fact that the Government owns Kwesi Appiah some months of Salary arrears.

“It is the Ministry that owes the coach. The ministry is the supervising body for football and sports in general but it is the FA that employs the coach.

‘The FA employs him and recommends to the ministry for the ministry to pay. Kwasi Appiah is on the neck of the GFA because he has a contract with them but actually. The ministry admits 100% owing to Kwasi Appiah”.

“The nation has done Kwasi Appiah a lot of good. For close to 24 months we’ve been constantly paying him.

‘His contract could have expired in April last year and ideally, we could have extended his contract by just three months but the contract was extended by six months”.


By: Joe Okyere DeWryta Itaalia

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