Expects Talks About How To Turn Your Partner On For S3x

Female entrepreneur and ‘s3xpert’, Kamasutra Queen, has recommended two very effective ways by which spouses can turn on their partners and get them ready for s3x.

First she mentioned ‘sexting’ which she explained as sending naughty texts to your partner, telling them what sexual fantasies you would love to try with them when you two are together.

The term ‘s3xting’, expounded, is actually sex texting.

“I can send him a naughty text while he’s at work, telling him what I’d like to do to him when he gets home and what I’d like for him to do to me,” she said in an interview on e.TV.

She continued that the s3xting is just an initial way of arousing the partner and does not end there.

She stated that the woman can then slip herself into some nice, s3xy lingerie, and take a teasing picture for her man.

“I feel that when you do all these, it’s a very good way to arouse your partner or get him ready for you.

‘Even when he’s at work, he will be itching to come home to you,” she advised.



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