Ernest Thompson Laments Hearts Of Oak Woes

Former Hearts of Oak Board Secretary Ernest Thompson has expressed his displeasure about the club’s financial woes.

Ernest Thompson indicated that ‘he feels like crying’ anytime he sees the team’s rickety bus.

According to him, the club can float more shares to ease the financial burden on the Board chairman and majority shareholder Togbe Afede XIV.

”Everybody is waiting for Togbe to buy a bus for the team, if the club as a serious entity float shares, will get money and buy bus,” Thompson said on Kumasi-based Nhyira FM.

”Even Pobiman project, we need money to have it done and where is the money?

”Hearts of Oak has a weak financial base and that is what stops the team from going for good players, which is bad.

”Anytime, I see Hearts of Oak bus I feel like crying because I was involved in purchasing that bus. Why should the club be using such a bus at this time? He quizzes.

”Hearts shouldn’t have been using this bus by now and training on poor pitches.”

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