Court Fines Akropong Kingmakers For Breaching Social Distancing


The Akropong Circuit Court has fined four Kingmakers who were arrested for flouting the restriction placed on public gathering, a total amount of GHS48,576.

The people convicted are; Odehye Kofi Asiedu Adu-Mfum, 57, Nana Semenhyia Ohene Asa Krofa,43, Benet Osei Opoku alias Ohenenana BS Opoky,55, and Nana Odiasempa Krobea Asante,70.

They were charged for failing to comply with restriction imposed on gathering contrary to paragraph 1(A)VII of EI 64 and section 6 of the imposition of Restriction Act 1012/2020 by Detective Inspector Lukeman Suleman, the Prosecutor.

Lawyer Joseph Adakpaksa for the convicts pleaded for mitigation of sentence taking into consideration the only 11 Kingmakers were performing customary rites to install a chief but they were overwhelmed by the presence of onlookers, and also for that the fact that the guilty were old men.

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The Akuapem North Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) has advised chiefs and Kingmakers in Akropong-Akuapem in the Eastern Region to suspend any event that is likely to bring a crowd.

The council has also directed that Nananom strictly comply to the social distancing rule and that every event be done privately.

3 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the Akuapem North Municipality out of 87 cases recorded in the Eastern Region.

According to the Municipal Chief Executive for Akuapem North, Dennis Aboagye,” with this experience, any other activities that Nananom wants to perform, of course, the traditional chiefdom they are our partners and key stakeholders.

‘So, if there are additional activities they are going to perform, we need to have a conversation with them”

He added, “If it is one that will be done in Privacy then, of course, there is no problem but the one that is likely to pull the sort of crowd we saw.

‘Then we will have conversation with Nananom as much as possible if they could or they should actually hold on with such public event that could draw so much crowd and put all of us our lives at risk.”



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