Woman Drinks Sp3rm Smoothies To Fight Off Coronavirus

Tracy Kiss, a fitness coach believes drinking sp3rm smoothies is the way to stay immune to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tracy is of the belief that Coronavirus can be killed by a man’s sperms.

The fitness coach even shared a photo which has since gone viral of herself drinking a smoothie she made of her boyfriend’s sp3rm

According to her, 32, she always put in s*men in her fruit drinks and it helps in boosting her immune system.

Even though there is no scientific proof to back her claims, she was adamant that her self discovered preventive cure is very effective in boosting the immune system which in turn makes you immune to the Coronavirus.

Tracy shared her recipe to help ladies boost their immune system to fend off Coronavirus pandemic.

The Aylesbury,Bucks native also disclosed that she drinks at least 3 shots of the sp*rm smoothie every week.

She wrote on her social media platform “I found a free and vegan-friendly alternative method to boost the body’s immune system.

“It is best to consume semen as close to production as possible to get the most nutrients and benefits.

“But I often store it in the freezer in an ice cube tray as my partner, who does not wish to be named, and I am in a long distance relationship.

“The quantity depends on how hydrated my boyfriend is on the day.

“I sometimes have a shot or disguise the taste in a smoothie with fresh berries and bananas.

“I am strictly looking at this from a health perspective.

“I think a lot of people try new ways to boost their immune system when they start presenting symptoms but that is too late – you must make the immune system strong prior to illness to ensure you can fight it off.”

Do you agree with Tracy or you think she is sharing not of importance?


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