My Runaway Wife Is 3 Months Pregnant And A Traitor- Funny Face

Comedian and actor Funny face has revealed that his traitor wife is 3 months pregnant.

Though funny face promised never to bring his family issues online ever again following the interventions of Emmanuel Adebayor and Bola Ray, he couldn’t do so.

He is back on Instagram as he’s revealed all sort of secrecy in his relationship with his twins baby mama.

It all started with his ear if words with lilwin where he was accused of paying bribes in other to get the best actor award.

Such accusations didn’t go down well with him as he retaliated back and accused lilwin of trying to damage his hard earned reputation.

He also accused kalybos and Bismark the Joke of backbiting him despite all the help he’s given them.

He also accused his baby mama if being a traitor who leaked his secrets to his enemies.

The Kasoa Trotro creator has stormed back to the social media space to launch an attack on his baby mama whom he says leaks information to the above trio.

In a long essay on Instagram, the ‘E go over you’ announcer disclosed that his baby mama has been blackmailing him for 3 months now ever since she got pregnant but he has had to submit due to the pregnancy.

Here is a screenshot of his outburst on Instagram:



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