Shatta Mitchy Blasts Blogger Who Mocks Her Son’s Identity

Shatta Mitchy and dancehall superstar Shatta Wale used to be once upon a time serious lover who even performed on the same stage together until their love fell into the gutters.

Over the years, both persons who are very popular in the Ghanaian entertainment industry have shared their diverse reasons about what lead to their breakup and a lot of people mostly the Shatta Movement fans always wish their queen would return to the SM boss.

Despite the separation, one of the things that have kept both personalities mildly tolerating each other is their son Majesty who is currently with his Mum Shatta Mitchy.

It could be recalled that Shatta Wale on some platforms pleaded openly for Mitchy to give him the opportunity to see his son and perform his fatherly roles after almost a year of not being allowed to have access to the boy.

Well, such troubles may have come to an end as Shatta Wale is not complaining about the issue again and has been on his cool with regards to relationships.

However, Shatta Mitchy has come out to attack a social media user who doubles as a blogger who tried to create the impression that Majesty is not Shatta Wale’s son because he doesn’t look like his father but rather his mother.

In reacting to the blogger’s comments, Shatta Mitchy described him to be a person with a low IQ because he cannot think enough to know that two women cannot give birth to a child and that a child on any day can look like one of his parents.

“@akonkonsafuor from your level of reasoning, I believe you believe the child was conceived by 2 men cuz kids can’t look like their mums, right?? Mr Gyimieson ooiinn” Shatta Mitcy angrily wrote.



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