Ronaldinho Breaks Silence On Shocking Life In Prison

Ronaldinho admitted he never imagined he would find himself in his current predicament in an exclusive interview with Paraguayan daily ABC Color.

Insisting he had no idea the Paraguayan passports he and his brother used to enter the country on March 4 had been doctored, he told journalists from the respected newspaper: “We were totally stunned when we found out the documents weren’t legal.

“From that moment onwards our intention has been to co-operate with the courts to clarify all this.”

In an interview yesterday at the four-star Palmaroga Hotel where he has been under house arrest since his release from a remand prison cell on April 7, he added: “I have my faith.

“I always pray so that things turn out OK and God willing this will all end soon.

“Finding out I was going to prison hit me hard. I never imagined I would be in a situation like this.

“All my life I’ve tried to reach my highest level professionally and bring happiness to people with my football.”

Ronaldinho, who wore a black T-shirt, shorts, and his trademark black hat, looked happy and relaxed during the interview with three of ABC Color’s journalists.

It was arranged through the former footballer’s defense lawyers.

Some of the questions touched on the highs of the Brazilian’s football career, but inevitably others were about his current legal problems.

Ronaldinho confirmed he had traveled to Paraguay with his brother Roberto de Assis Moreira to participate in the launch of an online casino and a book.



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