Coronavirus Cases Moves Up To 1,671 As 33 New Persons Recover

Blood sample with respiratory coronavirus positive

Good news as Ghana records 33 new coronavirus pandemic recoveries in the country after the President’s 8th speech a few days ago.

Previously, the number of recoveries in the country was 11 but 5 new recoveries recorded today show that the new total recovery cases has increased to sixteen (16).

Additionally, the number of positive coronavirus cases has shot up to 1,671 cases from the previous 1,550 confirmed cases.

Regarding the deaths from the virus, news reaching us has it that the 5 deaths have also been recorded as the death counts move up to 16.

The new recoveries come as a result of the frontline workers’ dedication to treating the patients in any way possible.

The government of Ghana has been commended for its measures put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

With the rate at which the country is recording recoveries, the government needs commending with its efforts


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