Dong Bortey: My First Child Is A ‘Good Footballer’, He’s Schooling At University Of Ghana


Hearts of Oak legend, Bernard Dong Bortey has disclosed that his first son is a good footballer like him and a student at the University of Ghana.

According to Dong Bortey his son’s desire is to pursue education first and follow it up with professional football.

Dong Bortey was one of the most talented footballers during his prime and played with a deep heart for both the national team and Accra Hearts of Oak.

The former Hearts of Oak legend experienced some turbulent transfer deals and signing contracts that he had no deep knowledge about due to his low illiteracy rate.

“The boy is a very good footballer and plays for the national U-17 team. His name is Bernard Dong Bortey Jr. and he’s also coming up.

“He goes to school, a student at Legon, level 100.

“I didn’t go to a school that much so I want him to marry all the two for him so he gets both education and football because our time wasn’t like that.

Describing Bernard Dong Bortey Jnr. as a good footballer, the four-time Ghana Premier League winner wants his son to be managed by Yusif Chibsah- who played with Dong Bortey but for rivals Kotoko.

“I want to give my firstborn to Yusif Chibsah to handle him as an agent. As for Chibsah he managed to go to school but as for me I was stubborn so I didn’t want to be in school because I wanted to be a great footballer.

“I was indeed great but I should have learned how to read and know how to sign deals so that when you’re entering to a 15 years deal you know.

‘It’s true when you hear that people have signed deals for 10 years at Accra Hearts of Oak. You can call Luis Agyemang and ask him”.



By: Joe Okyere Dewryta Itaalia

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