Get Baptized Again: Cecilia Marfo Fires Diana Asamoah

Two Popular Ghanaian musicians based in Ghana have turned against each other.

Last week, Cecilia Marfo called out fellow musician Evangelist Diana Asamoah after she criticized her in an interview over her way of deliverance.

It all started some weeks ago when Diana Asamoah threw shots at her in an interview over an incident.

Diana Asamoah slammed Cecilia for spitting in the mouth of believers she was praying for during a deliverance session.

According to her, Cecilia is known for her notoriety of spitting in the mouths of her church members as she prays for them.

But in a sharp response, Cecilia retorted back at Diana Asamoah that a true Christian doesn’t speak ill of another person openly regardless of the gravity of the offence.

She further called on Diana to go for another baptism to symbolize her acceptance into Christ for the second time.

She continued by saying, she is not going to fall for her criticism no matter what especially in the time of these crisis.

She revealed that her enemies are bent on taking her away from the path of righteousness but no way, it not going to happen.

Her reactions come in the form of a video she released earlier this week.



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