Gasmilla: Sarkodie Needs Forgiveness From Nshorma Muzik

Nii Odatei Milla popularly known in the entertainment industry as Gasmilla or international fisherman gas asked Sarkodie to go seek for forgiveness from Nshorma Muzik.

Gasmilla levelled a serious allegations against ‘fa hoo ki me’ hitmaker over claims of being the king of Azonto music.

Recently, Sarkodie raised a campaign to revive the Azonto dance with the hashtag #bringbackazonto which infuriated Gasmilla to the extent that he has taken it to himself to disgrace rapperholic Sarkodie.

Gasmilla’s reaction involves spewing unprintable words at the CEO of Sarkcess music all because he campaigned to bring back Azonto music dance when the genre is not dead to him, Gasmilla.

When the “aboodatoi” hitmaker was interviewed by Abeiku Santana, he said that the azonto genre has been alive since he, Sarkodie jumped ship to follow the new hiphop trend just like his brothers did and took with him Gasmilla’s) his very own producer. He blamed renowned music producer, Jay Q for abondoning the “Jama” rhythm to follow hiphop.

He concluded that, Sarkodie should bend down his head and ask for forgiveness from Nshorma Muzik as it was him that made Sarkodie and E.L popular and prosperous as they are today.

He asserted that Sarkodie isn’t a good man for taking the title ‘ king of Azonto’ from Nshorma Muzik and abandoning him as well.


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