Mubarak Wakaso: NPP, NDC Are Ruining The Blackstars Success

Midfielder Mubarak Wakaso has revealed that too much partisan politics is the main reason why the Blackstars have still not won any trophy for over 30 years.

Black stars, One of the Powerhouses of African football has gone on more than three decades without a trophy to show.

Many have attributed the stars inability to win AFCON to money, others say our jersey colours, some say player power, coaches have been blamed, captains etc,

But Wakaso, who has been part of recent black stars team has made a shocking revelation on the reason why our stars have not able to win a trophy for Ghana

“I will speak the truth today, do you know our problem about the game?”, Wakaso quizzed

“Maybe we know but we don’t want to say it but I think politics ruin the Blacks Stars at times.

‘When NDC is in power, NPP doesn’t want us to win and vice versa. We have supported the team with unity like how we are fighting this virus and take politics out.

“Me for instance, I don’t care about NDC NPP because I haven’t voted before,” he added.

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