Ex- Sports Minister: I Agree With Wakaso, NDC, NPP Are Ruining The Blackstars Progress

Former Minister of youth, sports, and culture Nii Lante Vanderpuye has also confirmed the assertion of Blackstars midfielder Mubarak Wakaso over partisan politics affecting the national team’s progress.

Midfielder Mubarak Wakaso revealed that too much partisan politics is the main reason why the Blackstars have still not won any trophy for over 30 years.

Speaking on floodlight sports on Angel Fm, the MP said:

“I agree with Wakasu at 100%. Let me be honest partisan politics has badly affected the Black Stars and even some of the Sports Federations.

‘I experienced it as a sports minister. Some people in NPP influenced some of the players against my administration as minister and I got to know.

‘Some of my own party people too tried to influence me and advised me against entertaining some Black Stars players in my office because they believed these players belong to NPP so I should not deal with them.

‘These are facts we have to throw partisan politics out of sports. We have to understand that Sports should be devoid of politics. It is a big challenge.”

The male senior national team has not won any major trophy since 1982 although both past and the present governments have pump huge money to break this drought.


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