Rearrested Notorious Robber Gets 6 Years Jail Sentence


Abdulai Karim, a 24-year-old convict who escaped from custody while standing trial for multiple rape allegations has been re-arrested by police in the Bono region.

Karim was given three years for each count, running consecutively and sentenced for escape from lawful custody and assault on a public officer.

Reports indicate that the alleged notorious armed robber who had been on a Police wanted list for about a year now was arrested earlier on February 23, 2020, but escaped from custody on March 30 where he was being held for various charges including r*pe.

Abdulai Karim alias JJ, the suspect, who is a resident at Yawhima near Sunyani was said to have attacked, robbed and r*ped his female victims at their residence in Sunyani and its suburbs.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCoP), Bono Regional Police Command, Godfred Owusu Boateng told the media at a press conference, that the suspect had been robbing victims of their laptops, television sets, home theatres, mobile phones, sums of monies and other valuable items with a knife and sometimes at gunpoint.

He said Karim often enters peoples’ rooms through windows, main entrances and that sometimes, he would turn off the main switch of the victims’ electricity power and lured them into their rooms, threatened them with knives and r*pe them.



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