Minister Arrested For Purchasing Alcohol During Lockdown

A minister of State in Lesotho has earned a mark in the bad books of the Lesotho community after being caught on CCTV camera purchasing “illicit” products.

The Minister in charge of Police and Public Safety, Lehlohonololo Moramotse was caught on camera purchasing boxes of alcoholic products.

The sale of alcoholic beverages, since the implementation of a lockdown directive in the Southern African country, has been banned.

The gravity of the Minister’s case is heightened by the fact that his facility is in charge of enforcing the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages.

In a video footage that has set social media ablaze, Lehlohonololo Moramotse is seen receiving an order of two boxes of alcohol beverages.

His deputy in the Ministry, Paseka Mokete, said investigations have been completed and the police were ready to charge Mr. Moramotse for the offense.

Lesotho has not recorded a single case of COVID-19, but the landlocked country is completely surrounded by South Africa which has recorded more than 2,500 cases, the highest on the continent.


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