5 Things Women Hate During Foreplay

Do you know that your partner might show signs that she’s lubricating with her genitals swollen and she will still tell you she isn’t aroused?

Yeah! She can also not show any sign of lubrication with her genitals flaccid, and she will tell you that she’s ready to go.

As a result of this, several men make the mistake of assuming that their partners are ready for s3x because their vulvas are lubricated. Don’t be like these men.

  1. It doesn’t last enough.

If you don’t know, women are more intricate with desire and also more complicated to get off.

Due to this, several men get bored, frustrated, or just plain impatient during foreplay.

This shouldn’t be the case. Foreplay should be enjoyed for long periods so that you both can build up arousal and desire.

  1. You forget the little things.

The body has a variety of erogenous zones, and believe me when I tell you that nothing is s3xier to a woman than when you caress, kiss, and touch those places.

Many men haven’t grasped this, which is why they ignore them and go straight for the pu$$y. Don’t be like them.

  1. You don’t communicate.

You both don’t have telepathic powers. If you don’t communicate, how are you supposed to know when she’s ready? Just because she’s lubricated doesn’t mean she’s ready to have s3x.

You simply just can’t go in for the kill without asking her if she’s ready, or knowing what feels good to her. Make sure you communicate with her.

  1. You’re not learning over time.


When you’re in a relationship for a long period, you’re bound to learn certain specifics about your partner.

The same goes for your s3xual routine. If you keep doing the same thing during foreplay, but they aren’t working, apply the lessons and improve.

Encourage your partner to tell you and show you how she likes to be touched and pay close attention.

  1. You aren’t using your d!ck and fingers effectively.

Women don’t like it when you use your d!ck or fingers to jab at them without helping them get turned on with your shaft.

It feels like you’re trying to win a race. Slow down and enjoy the experience.

The beauty of the fingers is that they are more precise and flexible, so you can stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones with ease.

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