6 Ways To Know If He’s Faking Love To Have S3x With You

Sometimes, a guy would do just about anything to get into your pants. So how can you tell if he’s being real or he just wants to sleep with you?

Below are some ways to spot a guy that only wants to hit it and quit it.

  1. He never takes you out on a real date.

One thing a guy that is serious about you does is take you out on dates. Real dates. If you’re currently talking to a guy or hooking up with a guy who never once has asked you out on a real date, this is a huge red flag. Asking you to meet up for drinks at 9pm doesn’t count as a date.

  1. He’s only a night caller.

If the guy you’re seeing only calls you late at night, and never during the day. And when he does call, it always involves him wanting you to come over, he’s not actually in it for love.

He doesn’t actually want to be with you, unless it’s under the sheets.

If you want to be a hookup, then fine, keep seeing him after dark. But if you want real relationships, real love, and real feelings in your life, it’s time you give him back to the wolves.

  1. He never introduces you.

A guy who really wants to be with you will be proud of you, take you on dates, and will want to introduce you to his family and friends.

When a guy really likes you, he’ll make it a point to introduce you to anyone you guys might run into when you’re out together.

If you’re always referred to as “just a friend,” or you never even meet anyone he knows, then you’re just a hookup he’d rather keep in the dark.


  1. He always wants to just hook up.

If and when you do hang out with your guy, and the only thing he ever wants to do is hook up, then you should probably realize this is a huge red flag.

It’s great to hook up and be romantic with someone you like, but if your guy only wants to hook up with you and never do anything else, ever, it’s time to accept the fact he’s just not that into you at all.

If the only thing your guy ever mentions involves you two, naked and getting it on, it’s time you get loose of the loser!

  1. Alcohol is always involved.

As I’ve said before, if the guy you’re seeing invites you to meet up for drinks and never actually takes you out on a real date, then he’s not interested in being anything other than f*ck buddies.

If the only times he actually does ask you to hang out in a public setting involves meeting up at a bar, or anything involving alcohol, then once again, realize these red flags and take them for what they are: signs he isn’t interested in you other than hooking up.

  1. He doesn’t want you to be friends on social media.

In today’s society, what people see on social media are often fairly accurate representations of who they are in real life.

And if the guy insists on not being friends on social media, then it’s a pretty blunt way of saying he doesn’t really want you in his life… at least as far as other people know.

Most of the time, we already know the answers to our questions, especially when it comes to relationships and doubts.

We tend to ignore what we already know, seeking answers to our questions elsewhere, in hopes that maybe we’ll get a different answer, or hear what we want to hear, instead of what we need to hear.

The reality is that no matter how many times you ask yourself the same question, or how many people you seek advice from; the answer will usually be the same, always.

If you have doubts about the guy you’re currently seeing, and thinking he might not be into you as much as you are into him, you’re probably right.



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