Group Calls On President Nana Addo For 21-Days Nationwide Lockdown


The Bureau of Public Safety has called on President Nana Akufo-Addo to impose a 21-day nationwide lockdown to slow the pace of the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease.

In a press statement, the Bureau of Public Safety expressed deep concerns that if the President did not take further bold actions to earlier efforts applied to contain the contagion will come to waste.

They encouraged the government to impose a 21-day lockdown and restricted movement policy across the country as a measure to halt the further spread of the epidemic.

They said, “if the President and the Response Team do not take further bold and radical steps, all the good efforts applied will come to naught and eventually our country will be consumed by this ravaging novel virus. We, therefore, wish to call on the government to consider the following urgently:

  1. Impose a 21-day lockdown/restricted movement across all sixteen regions.
  2. Gear up tracing and testing capacity and effort.
  3. Apply more efforts at education and effective monitoring of traced contacts and suspected cases to minimize frequent escapes from the isolation center and enhance compliance with medical advice.
  4. Expand testing sites across all 16 regions within the shortest possible time.

They further called on the citizenry to join them in calling for the extension of restricted movements for the general good of the country.

They further admonished all and sundry to comply with the current directives of restricted movements across the country.


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