COVID-19: 45 Volta Youths Arrested For Going Against Lockdown Restrictions

Some youths from Dodze, a town in Ketu North Municipality in the Volta Region of Ghana have been arrested. The youths, 45 in total defied were arrested by the Ghana Police Service after they defied the lockdown restrictions imposed by the President to organize their Easter party.

They were picked from a hotel in the town in which they were busy enjoying themselves from the small party they organized.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the Ketu North Municipality, Mr, John Avorgbedor revealed  that, the 45 youths were in a party mood when the police got a tipoff and went to arrest them in the hotel.

In the Volta Region alone, 9 cases of the global pandemic coronavirus has been recorded with 3 persons confirmed as Ghanaians while the rest are known to be immigrants who travelled into the country illegally through the Ghana Togo border.

Ghana is the leading country with most recorded positive cases of the Coronavirus in west Africa.

566 positive cases has been recorded with 8 deaths, 4 recoveries and 2 persons in critical conditions with underlying health concerns.


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