I Will Forever Be ‘Grateful’ To Kwesi Appiah – CK Akunnor

Blackstars headcoach CK Akunnor says he will always be grateful for his predecessor Kwasi Appiah.

CK Akunnor took over from Kwesi Appiah to become the next coach of the senior national team after the former’s two years contract came to an end.

When asked about his relationship with Kwesi Appiah, CK Akunnor said the two are in good terms to help the national team.

‘I went to him [before taking up the job] because before he got me to assist him there was a lot of discussion between us.


‘I told him my opinion and what I stand for, he accepted that in good fate and so once he is no more the coach, there was the need to for me to give him that respect.

‘Because truth be told, he is the one who got me there, nobody did. It’s a miracle for me to be his assistant and within two months and after two matches.

‘I am the head. It can only be a miracle, nobody [else] got me there and so I have to give him that respect and I will continue to give him that respect.

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