Ghana FA Gives Center Of Excellence Facility To Government For Coronavirus Fight

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has made a powerful gesture of giving its Soccer of Excellence facilities to the government in the country’s fight to contain the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

This is the latest effort of the federation in the fight to halt the spread of the deadly disease that has so far claimed the lives of more than 100,000 globally.

The GFA started it contribution by using its star players in the campaign by using recognizable faces to send public announcement of the dangers of the disease.

With government spending thousands of dollars housing people quarantined, recovering from the virus or undergoing treatment, the Ghana FA has sensed the opportunity to help again.

As part of the efforts to combat the coronavirus outbreak in Ghana, the Football Association has offered its national camping base, the Ghanaman Soccer Center of Excellence to the government.

The Ghana FA has communicated to the government to consider the facility as one of the isolation centers in the battle against the COVID-19.

With over 300 cases confirmed COVID-19 cases in Ghana, the GFA has offered the facility to help the government combat the deadly virus and curtail the spread.

The Ghana FA has communicated to the government and are ready to release the facility should they accept.

As of Saturday April 11, 2020, Ghana has recorded 378 cases of COVID-19, six dead and three recoveries.



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