Horrific!!! Man Killed By Bees; Two Others In Critical Condition

In what will be seen as a bizarre incident, a young man has been killed by a swarm of bees leaving two others in critical condition.

The incident which has left many shocked happened at Kasoa Gomoa Nyanyano Sun city in the Gomoa East District.

The deceased and the two other persons in critical condition were reported to have been enjoying few drinks at a drinking spot in the Kasoa areas.

The deceased has been identified as Ebo Wilson popularly called “Bronya”.

An eyewitness, Ebeneezer Okyere, said the bees were on a tree close to the drinking spot and as Bronya and his friends were entering the spot, they attacked them.

They then started running helter-skelter but, in the process, Bronya fell heavily into an abandoned manhole but nobody detected he was stuck inside.

The witness said it took two days for the residents to realize Bronya was inside the manhole and when they checked he had been bitten to death by the bees.


The body has been retrieved from the manhole by the Gomoa Nyanyano Police and sent to police mortuary for autopsy.

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