CORONAVIRUS: 4,500 Nigerian Musicians To Get N11,000 Each As Compensation


The Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) has announced an N50 million (750,050.50 Ghana Cedis Equivalent) financial relief package for all Nigerian artists.

According to the President of COSON, Tony Okoroji since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic followed by the lockdown of some states, he and other board members have received calls from many artistes who are desperate for any kind of assistance as all entertainment activities across the country came to a halt without caution.

He added that the board of the organization, therefore, approved the release of 50 Million Naira to be shared amongst about 4,500 members on the society’s register as of May 19th, 2019 as an Anti-Corona Emergency Relief Distribution from COSON.

Each member is to receive N11, 000.

“I have personally received calls from several members of COSON who are desperate for immediate assistance of any kind. Other members of our Board have received similar messages. At a time like this, COSON must be responsible and responsive to the needs of our members and we should do everything we can to help them wade through these hard times. That is the very reason why COSON was set up.

I am proud of the quick response of members of the COSON Board who showed a great understanding that we must be our brothers’ keeper at a time like this.

Starting immediately, with the co-operation of the banks, each qualified member of COSON will receive a modest sum of eleven thousand naira in what we have termed Anti-Coronavirus Emergency Relief (ACER) General Distribution. We are able to do this because of the deft management of our resources.

We wish we could do more. I, however, believe that most people are aware of what we have been through in recent times. Let me thank the COSON management team of Vincent Adawaisi, Isa Aruna and Anthony Imuse who burnt the midnight oil to ensure that the decision of the Board is executed with dispatch” he said


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